In the summer of 2004, the Lord began to unction Pastors Jimmie and Natalie Thompson to start a work for Him. In prayer He gave us the name Kingdom Deliverance Ministries. We stayed before the Lord, writing down dreams, thoughts, and instructions, canadian beauty products. preparing for the day of release from our current assignments.

In October 2008 the Lord began to impress upon us to delay no longer. Now was the time to launch out into the deep. We began to receive numerous prophetic confirmations and words of knowledge to began our own ministry (church). gerniac celias do the make. When we felt and knew in our spirits that the Lord was telling us now was the time to unfold, we moved on His word. We went to our Pastors (as instructed by the Lord) and shared with them what the Lord impressed us to do. After receiving the release from our Pastor we began the work on February 1, 2009.

We began our work in our home (bible study) with three members and traveled to Aberdeen for service from 2009 until mid-2011. We received a word from God out of Deuteronomy 11 that His eyes would be upon our land from the beginning of the year until the end of year. Trusting the Lord, we moved from our home and worshipping in Aberdeen to the Center on Greenspring Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland.

From the time He gave us Deuteronomy 11, He has touched the hearts of people to sow into the work of the Lord assigned to our hands. Our membership began to increase and after worshipping for one year on Greenspring Avenue by faith we re-located to Suite 8 on Rolling Road where we carried out our assignment for four (4) years. Flourishing and seeing the need for expansion, the Lord has directed our footsteps to a new location. Again, trusting God, His favor and strategies for KDMI, we will continue our work in Suite F, 2622 Lord Baltimore Drive in Woodlawn Maryland, beginning December 2016. We give all praise and glory to the Most High God!