Pastor Jimmie C. Thompson, Jr.

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is the oldest son of six children birthed to Bishop Jimmie C. Thompson, Sr. and Prophetess Essie Thompson. He was saved and received the Holy Ghost at the Highway Church of Christ under the leadership of his Pastor and grandfather, the late Bishop Fred Page. His scripture when the Lord saved him while shouting down the aisle was ai???As for me and my house, we will serve the Lordai???. He worked diligently with his Pastor understanding the real meaning finasteride in pakistan. of servitude. The Lord was preparing him even then for a greater work. The Lord then lead Pastor Thompson to sit under the leadership and mentorship of the late Pastor Joe L. Windley of Solmonai??i??s Temple and his wife Overseer Marguerite Windley of Aberdeen, Maryland where he attended the School of the Prophets under Overseer Windleyai??i??s leadership. Pastor Thompson also worked very closely with Pastor Windley in the ministry assisting his Pastor in any way that he needed. Pastor Thompson was lead by God to go back and help his father, Bishop Thompson, in the ministry at New Beginning Highway Church of Christ. There he served diligently until the Lord lead him and his wife to begin their current ministry Kingdom Deliverance Ministries International. He is a man of faith and power, a mover and a shaker in the kingdom of darkness, with a prophetic voice to speak what thus sayest the Lord. He is an available servant to the Lord and the people of God.

Pastor Natalie Thompson

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proud daughter of Elder Robert and Audrey Bolden, was born the fourth of six children in Baltimore, Maryland. First female Pastor and preacher in her immediate family, she is called and appointed by God for such a time as this. Under the direction of the late Bishop Fred Page, she received her foundation for salvation but under the direction of the late Pastor Joe L. Windley of Solmonai??i??s Temple and his wife Overseer Marguerite Windley of Aberdeen, Maryland, the gifts and callings were perfected and she accepted the call to preach and teach the word in season and out of andkon. season. Her unwavering love for Godai??i??s people along with her faithfulness to build into God’s people purpose, destiny, and praise will continue yielding great results in the Kingdom of God. Pastor Natalie served faithfully at New Beginning Highway Church of Christ under the leadership of Bishop Jimmie Thompson, Sr. until the Lord lead her and her husband to begin their current ministry. She now Pastors Kingdom Deliverance Ministries International along side her husband of 38 years, Pastor Jimmie Thompson, Jr. They have been blessed with four children and 14 grandchildren, all with ministry potential and purpose in their lives.